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Producing doughs

The growth of ΝΤΑΝΟΣ Bakery & Pastries led to the creation of our own pastry production unit. In the spirit of achieving the best possible quality, we make our own doughs in wide variety, as well as pastries, cakes and yeast-based products. Combining state-of-the-art facilities and personal touch, we constantly make new products, taking pride in our rich variety of doughs, to supply our stores, as well as hospitality and catering enterprises. We experiment with recipes and invent our own, such as pie with rosemary, local cheese and sun dried tomatoes or whole wheat feta pastry pie. We love the “typical” and so familiar recipes, making all kinds of croissants (butter, filled with chocolate, with cream, banana and chocolate, and more), bugatsa, Greek traditional pies with cheese, or spinach, or zucchini and pastry doughs filled with various fillings.


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